Sunday, May 18, 2014

Innovate Logics

Hello Friends,

I am writing this post for all the visitors who are just Mad about experimenting with electronics. A friend of mine has launched this new website called Innovate Logics. He is writing some awesome tutorials on electronics and selling electronics components online. You can find great tutorials on Interfacing with Microcontrollers along with their C Code, Circuit Diagram and Videos.

You can like their Facebook page and Youtube Channel for more updates:

I hope these tutorials will help you. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Google Websites Get Their Own Official URL Shortcut:

URL shortening is defined as conversion of a long URL name into a short one. A website i.e., URL shortner creates a short Uniform Resource Locator (URL) from a long one so that the short version, which is easier to remember and share. Examples of URL shortening websites:

Google announced the launch of a new URL-Shortener i.e “”
Google joins Internet biggies like Twitter currently has “”, Overstock has “” and Amazon has “”, “” and “” .Google is simplifying access to its growing collection of products and services with the acquisition of the URL shortcut “” Back in December 2009, Google launched its public URL shortener, for public use.But as rightly said that in the world of URLs , bigger is not better.
The domain g.Co will be used for official Google use that is for use with Google products such as GMail, Documents, and Photos.The usage of domain is thatit will be used to create a shortcut for all its products and services using the format[xyzproduct/service] The company has confirmed the new shortcut domain but did not reveal the cost to acquire it, which is estimated to be at least $1.5 million.

However, is quite different as it will only be linked to official Google-branded online portals. Even if you can’t tell which website you’re being redirected to, the link will only lead to sites owned by Google. Thus, it sort of legitimizes the link and makes it more trustworthy to the end user. Additionally, it just streamlines access to Google sites in general, especially when users want to share something quickly on social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Google Plus. Having a shorter URL also makes it easier and cheaper when using URL addresses in advertisements.

The shortcut that the company acquired back in 2009, will not be discarded. It will continue to be available to the public for use to shorten URLs across the web. The G.Co shortcuts, however, can only be created by Google themselves and will only point to products owned by Google.

Download VLC Player Only From VideoLAN Official Website

Saturday, July 16, 2011:  Users are advised to download VLC player directly from the official website. According to some reports, few fraud companies are abusing the source code of VLC player and distributing the software infected with malware.

VLC Player by VideoLAN is no doubt one of the best and most popular media player available on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Being open source software, the source code of VLC player is available to everyone.

VLC media player, GPL license, Malware, Windows Mac, Linux

These fraud companies tweak the source code and inject their own malware in the player and then make it available for download through various sources. User thinks that it’s the legit version of the software. However, they receive the infected version which either does not work or spreads malware on their computer system.

What’s causing more trouble is that these fraud companies have enough money to have Google Adwords accounts so that they can buy advertisements on the Internet and expand their reach. Many such companies have even registered ‘official sounding’ domains which trick users to believe that they’re actually downloading from the official website.

Ludovic Fauvet, the developer of VLC player, says that his organisation, being a non-profit, does not have enough money to sue these companies which are discrediting his work and also abusing the GPL licence.

It’s being highly recommended that users looking to download VLC player should download it only from the official website to be 100 per cent sure that they’ve downloaded the authentic version of the software that just works fine and does not contain any malware.

Vlc media player official website :

Microsoft drops the Conditional Comments in IE10

Microsoft added many features to ‘Internet Explorer’ over years. The team intends to remove several of the less-successful legacy features in IE10. The conditional comments used in IE6,7,8 and 9 are now going to disappear in IE10.Ensuring you website or application works in all browsers is tough. It’s made particularly difficult when you have to support older editions of Internet Explorer. It’s unreasonable to expect a 10 year old browser to render the same as Firefox 5 or Chrome 12.
During the development of IE6 :
  1. The bugs are well-documented and its possible to overcome the majority of issues
  2. Microsoft provide ‘Conditional Comments’ so that developers can add custom CSS and script fixes which target a specific version of IE.

What are Conditional Comments actually???
Examine the source of almost any HTML5 page and you will find this code in the head:
<!--[if lt IE 9]>

<script src="">


It loads a shim in IE8 and below which allows the developer to style new HTML5 elements . It’s not required in IE9 and other browsers with native HTML5 support — they ignore the script.
Conditional Comments are incredibly useful but, they are rarely necessary. Moreover, They are little like browser sniffing.
What is the need to remove Conditional Comments???
IE8 is normally well-behaved. The requirement is of only the HTML5 shim . With a few CSS3 exceptions, IE9 renders as well as any other browser. Hopefully, IE10 will catch-up — or even can overtake — Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari.
Conditional Comments are not required. There’s no need for “[if IE 10]“ because pages will be displayed (mostly) the same in all modern browsers. Moreover, Conditional Comments will not disappear from IE6, 7, 8 and 9. However, its removal will horrify some developers because the use of conditional comments had made work somewhat easy for them. Now let’s wait for the next IE10 without Conditional Comments.

jQuery 1.6.1 has .attr() backward compatibility

jQuery is a JavaScript library whose purpose is to simply the client-side scripting of HTML.It simplifies document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions that contribute to rapid web development. The recent release of jQuery Version 1.6.1 has come up with .attr() backward compatibility. However the Previous release of jQuery 1.6 was controversial with respect to the handling of the attributes and DOM object properties. There were indifferent reactions towards the changes in the .attr() method in jQuery 1.6. The Boolean logic flaws resulting from the change were hard to debug. The change could have stopped people from updating the version to jQuery 1.6 because it could have resulted in breaks in the script .Consider an example:

In version prior to jQuery 1.6, $(“#chk1).attr(“checked”) would return boolean value true. However, in version 1.6, there was a change in the way the attr() method responds. And the same code would return an empty string in jQuery 1.6. The reason being the change in approach due to introduction of .prop().This change caused a confusion and had to be rolled back in jQuery 1.6.1.
Consider the following code:

if ($("#chk1").attr("checked")) {
// If block runs for previous versions of jQuery
}else {
// Else block runs in jQuery 1.6

Thus in jQuery 1.6.1 .attr() method reverts to its original functionality and the above code will evaluate to true.

Comparing .attr() in 1.6 and other releases

jQuery 1.6
alert($("#chk1").attr("checked")) // ""
alert($("#chk1").prop("checked")) // true

jQuery 1.6.1 and prior to 1.6
alert($("#chk1").attr("checked")) // true
alert($("#chk1").prop("checked")) // true (For 1.6.1 only)

What’s new in this Version?

The old .attr() method had many bugs and was hard to maintain. jQuery 1.6.1 comes with several bug fixes as well as an update to the Attributes module.

Specifically, boolean attributes such as checked, selected, readonly, and disabled in 1.6.1 will be treated just as they used to be treated in jQuery versions prior to 1.6. This means that code such as


or even:

if ( $(“:checkbox”).attr(“checked”) ) { /* Do something */ }

will not need to be changed in 1.6.1 in order to work as previously expected.

The jQuery 1.6.1 release notes provide an attribute/property lookup and the recommended method usage:

Attribute/Property     .attr()               .prop()




























The checks indicate that .attr() can be used to set the attribute value but the preferred method would be to use .prop().

It is available for download/use at jQuery CDN:


Gmail's New Features: A First Glance

The launch of social networking service Google + has proved to be a hallmark in giving interesting features to Gmail .

Features at a glance:

1. Multiple calls from Gmail – Google has recently added this feature of making and handling multiple calls in Gmail. We are aware about the communication abilities i.e., voice, video calls to other computers and call phones and till now we were limited to making one call at a time but now the new Gmail lets us make multiple calls at the same time . The working is that if you are in a call and you make another call then your first call will be put on hold while you talk on another call and you can switch between the calls by pressing the Resume button on the call we want to talk on and thus the previous call is automatically put on hold.

2. Choose an inbox style – There is the feature in Gmail with which we can select our favorite inbox style that suits our needs. We have already noticed the styles like starred first, unread first and Priority inbox and after addition we have these styles:
a) Classic- This is the default inbox style and in this the messages are ordered chronologically i.e. the most recent e-mail on the top.
b) Priority Inbox- In Gmail , significant and unread messages appear on the top, then starred and so on. Thus we can create our own inbox style
c) Important first – With this style the important mail is put at the top including both read and unread messages. Thus this style separates the important messages from other ones.
d) Unread first – With this style the unread messages are out at the top.
e) Starred first- In this the starred messages are at the top.

3. View Zip and RAR contents without downloading – Earlier in Gmail when someone used to send ZIP or RAR file format as an e-mail then we need to extract it to view the file but now this exciting feature has made it simpler. With this feature whenever we receive an e-mail that has ZIP or RAR as an attachment then we can directly view the contents of ZIP or RAR file using Google Docs viewer in the browser.A click on ZIP or RAR file in Gmail will open Google Docs view that will show all the files in archive

4. More Info about the sender – With the series of improvements to Gmail. Google has added this detailed sender information feature. If we get a message from someone who is not in our Gmail contacts then Google will now show the sender’s email address in the header. It also give the information if we get the message from a mail sending service. The idea behind this is to reduce the phishing attempts.

5. Keyboard shortcuts fro Spreadsheet - These keyboard shortcuts increase the efficiency of work by helping in saving the time by allowing you not to take your hands off the keyboard to use the mouse. The new keyboard shortcut key is available from within a Google Doc spreadsheet and it can be viewed by pressing Ctrl+/ or Cmd+/.