Sunday, October 2, 2011

Download VLC Player Only From VideoLAN Official Website

Saturday, July 16, 2011:  Users are advised to download VLC player directly from the official website. According to some reports, few fraud companies are abusing the source code of VLC player and distributing the software infected with malware.

VLC Player by VideoLAN is no doubt one of the best and most popular media player available on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Being open source software, the source code of VLC player is available to everyone.

VLC media player, GPL license, Malware, Windows Mac, Linux

These fraud companies tweak the source code and inject their own malware in the player and then make it available for download through various sources. User thinks that it’s the legit version of the software. However, they receive the infected version which either does not work or spreads malware on their computer system.

What’s causing more trouble is that these fraud companies have enough money to have Google Adwords accounts so that they can buy advertisements on the Internet and expand their reach. Many such companies have even registered ‘official sounding’ domains which trick users to believe that they’re actually downloading from the official website.

Ludovic Fauvet, the developer of VLC player, says that his organisation, being a non-profit, does not have enough money to sue these companies which are discrediting his work and also abusing the GPL licence.

It’s being highly recommended that users looking to download VLC player should download it only from the official website to be 100 per cent sure that they’ve downloaded the authentic version of the software that just works fine and does not contain any malware.

Vlc media player official website :

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