Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Are WE?

OSUM (Open Source University Meet-Up): Open Source University Meetup is a student developer organization sponsored by Sun Microsystems that educates its members about open-source technologies through technical demonstrations, access to web courses, and discounts on Sun Certification.
How it started ??
Sun started the Open Source University Meet-Up as part of its program to help connect students in computer science to its technologies. Typically lead by a campus ambassador or on-campus volunteer, Open Source University Meet-Ups exist in many countries.

What is the Purpose of this ??
The Open Source University Meet-Up is a place for Sun to connect student developers to Sun’s wide array of open source software platforms, following Sun’s initiatives to open-source all of its software technologies. As a whole it also helps give software developers, students, and other interested people an opportunity to learn more about open source software.

How we do this ??
Through its on-campus activities, Sun sponsored OSUMs (Club Members) will receive access to technical information that can be shared with OSUM members via technical demonstrations. Additionally, online web courses, through the Sun Academic Initiative program will be available to the OSUM to provide an opportunity to get its members Sun Certified.
Sun will provide a social networking web site for all registered OSUMs. This online presence will enable the OSUM community to connect with other student developers worldwide. OSUMs can collaborate online in forums and community groups with other student developers who share their technical interests.
Overall, the OSUM is a one-stop community that will expand the educational training and social interaction of the up-and-coming tech-savvy student preparing to enter the global workforce.
Well these all were the sun’s initiatives for the open source to develop and spread through the whole world that how open source is better and convenient for us… In this blog you are going to find out that how we guys support Sun and open source offcourse with Sun microsystems’s help..
For more information you can visit the official website of Sun Microsystems:
Also you can get register yourself on from this you can be in touch with the OSUM at DAVIET and also be join/create the discussion groups for discussing the techie stuff with professionals.
We hope the given information will be beneficial to you all and you will enjoy being in touch with OSUM at DAVIET..

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