Monday, December 20, 2010

OSUM Member Selection Drive

Hello everyone,
In this post I am gonna write about the event which was held on 6th of October 2010 for the recruitment of the OSUM members from CSE-1st yr., IT-1st yr and IT-2nd yr. The basic aim of the event was to shortlist the students for the interview and Group Discussion procedure for the selection of the OSUM members.The agenda of the event included was first of all a briefing about open source and awaring the students that exactly what open source is, the difference between open source, freeware and paid softwares and the terms of licences of all these.The benefits of open source and their compatibility. And then some open source alternatives of paid or freewares.
OSUM Member Awaring students
about the open source alternatives
of paid softwares and free-wares
The session was made quite interactive and In this session, those softwares were discussed which we often use in our routine and the way was aimed to generate interest among the students about the open softwares.Various statistics were covered in the talk of the paid softwares whose better alternatives were discussed and nevertheless they all are free of cost(Open Source). Third the students were advised to get registered on the official website of Sun’s OSUM group and the join the group of our college to be updated and also were advised to join the forums available on the website to solve their queries.They were provided the download link to download the magazine ”AMMO” last but not the least, For which the event was held on, there was quiz on the basis of Open Source,personality and Basic Apptitude.

OUSM Member talking about the
 benefits of the club and the open
source industry.
   The students were short-listed for further interview on the basis of this written quiz.
The group discussion was carried and a personnel interview was conducted in order to see their passion and sense of responsibilities when working in a team and few other general qualities.

Some Selected new members of OSUM :

1st Year:

  • Aarush    (CSE)    
  • Garima    (CSE)    
  • Shweta    (CSE)
  • Shivangi   (IT)
2nd Year:
  • Sheena Girdhar (IT)
  • Simar (IT)

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