Tuesday, May 24, 2011

C++ Project (Dice Game)

Learned C++ in last semester and submitted the project as an assignment of the subject.
The project was supposed to be simple enough so I didn’t used any graphics in this.This is a simple project to be submitted in the college and you can understand it well.
Hope you all will like this.
The Snapshot of the project :
Snapshot of the Dice Game

     Downlaods : 
1. Downlaod Source Code 
2. Downlaod Help File
3. Download Snapshot of Game
4. Downlaod Executable Code of Game


Anonymous said...

good ....

Anish said...

Your blog seems nice, but you should post on the blog more often, in my opinion. Just keeping aside 15 minutes twice a week isn't a big deal, after all! :)

Vishal said...

Will try to blog more Often.You will soon a many posts here.