Thursday, September 1, 2011

Coming soon: A new sign-in page

Just noticed "Coming soon: A new sign-in page" written on Gmail's Sign Page.
Google has decided to change its sign page to a new and improved sign page. Lets have a closer look at the old and new pages.

Old Page:

New Page:

We know Gmail's Sign-in page is very much secure (you can see the lock icon (favicon) in the address bar), then why Google needs to have a new sign page ??
As these days small screen resolutions such as smartphones or netbooks, and touch based devices are getting popular at a very rapid rate so this could be a part of optimizing Google products.
This design is just the design which is used by Google+ .
Though the new design looks similar to the previous one, yet there are some chances in the position of some elements for example : Sign Up link has been shifted to the top of the page, On the new sign-in page, the input boxes are bigger (It can show 31 characters in the username field whereas the old sign in page displays only 20 characters in the username field) and footer links which were placed just below the content of the page in old page are now at bottom of the page.
If you love Google's current page then you can all the way switch back to the old page.
Google doesn't introduce new functionality to the new page just the layout has been changed.
If you use your bookmark link for opening your Gmail account then don't worry the same link will work for the new page too, but after a period this new page permanent and you cannot be able to get back the old sign in page.
the users may see the old page again sometimes, this happens due to change in the user's IP address or due to switching the browser.
In near future we are surely going to see a lot new in Google's product page to offer us great user experience.

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