Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogger's New Interface

As Google promised that we are going to see many new and cleaner changes in Google’s Products after the announcement of Gmail new Sign-In page.
So on 31, August, Google officially announced the new interface for the blogger. The interface was in limited tests in April. Now the testing phase if over and the new interface is launched.
"Over the last couple of months, we've made significant improvements to our new user interface. First and foremost, we've incorporated your feedback and made numerous fixes based on that feedback. Also, we've updated the look and feel of our new design, inspired by Google's newest design evolutions," explains Google. The new interface is quite cleaner and refreshing due to its efficiency and Google+ like feel.

The overview page of the blogger offers shows how people are reacting to their blog, with the graph 
showing recent traffic numbers, comment activity and follower counts.

The new interface shows the total number of published comments and the total number of page-views at the right-side of the post and the labels have been shifted from the bottom of the page to the right of the page. Tabs have been replaced by a vertical menu. The post editor is much better, especially if you use the default view. There's a lot of white space in the new interface to properly embed videos and photos in the blog posts, but the buttons aren't big enough to be readable.

Blogger uses Ajax, so all the pages load a lot faster, including the post editor. Unfortunately, Blogger is still very slow when you perform a search and try to display posts or comments.

From accessibility point-of –view, whether you’re on a dashboard or settings page at, you can create or edit posts with a single click at the top of the screen.
Anytime if you don’t like (like to use it now) the new interface, you can easily roll back to the previous interface by the link at the top of the page.

“We’ve rewritten the entire editing and management experience from scratch so it’s faster and more efficient for you — and easier for us to update and improve over time,” Blogger Product Manager Chang Kim explains.

“We’re working hard to fundamentally revamp and improve the Blogger experience from the ground up, and we hope you enjoy the first in a series of major updates that are on their way in the coming months,” Kim says.

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