Sunday, October 2, 2011

Microsoft unveils a prototype kit gadgets

Microsoft has opened the doors for electronic enthusiasts.The team "Sensors and Devices," Microsoft Research unveiled a new project called ".NET Gadgeteer" and Framwork which allows hackers and electronics enthusiasts to quickly build customized gadgets and code in their firmware DotNET, Visual Studio or Visual C # Express.

Similar to the Arduino project, it is a microframework. NET controlling various devices in the center of kits which is a mini motherboard with an embedded processor and a variety of connectors which can be connected with other .NET Gadgeteer modules.

The first kit is compatible with the. NET is signed MicroFramwork GHI Electronics, includes a touch screen, a mini-camera, the buttons and LEDs and interfaces for USB and SD card. The whole can be placed like an electronic Lego and thus without the need for soldering.

Regarding the software, Microsoft maintains, in addition to the framework, a site which will allow sharing open source codes written in C #, specifically to control each module for different uses. Developers can obviously write their own programs and share if they wish with the community.
"It started out as an internal tool at Microsoft Research Cambridge, but its appeal to people outside the lab quickly became evident," says Steve Hodges, principal hardware engineer at Microsoft Research Cambridge. "The open source release will make this powerful technology available to others, including the hobbyists, teachers, researchers and developers who have given us such positive feedback to date," he says.

Microsoft also claims the opening of this project and says that any manufacturer can design hardware modules that run on it. Thus Microsoft is also working on ways to turn your loose collection of circuit boards into a more serious construction, such as building a case to house your electronics using a 3D printer.

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